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Hugs & Smiles Promotion Campaign


The Great Lakes Floral Association has partnered with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) and developed a radio and television promotion designed to get consumers to buy more flowers. The campaign is titled “Hugs and Smiles” and will run July 27, 2020 through September 30, 2020. It will consist of up to 7500 thirty-second radio and TV spots that will run on MAB stations across the state of Michigan. The Great Lakes Floral Association (GLFA), Association of Flower Importers of Florida (AFIF), American Floral Endowment Floral Marketing Research Fund, CalFlowers and Asocolflores are funding the campaign. The idea behind the campaign is educate consumers on the health benefits of having flowers in their lives and how easy and safe it is to order and send flowers.

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Interview with Jerome Raska, President of the Great Lakes Floral Association

Here’s the script for the ads:

There’s a reason we feel happy to receive them…
and just as happy to send them.
Because studies prove that flowers reduce anxiety, increase happiness, and help us live in the moment.
Best part is, you don’t even need a prescription.
Which is why the best time for flowers… is always now.
And nothing replaces hugs
Like a bouquet of smiling flowers.
Let the ones you love live in the moment with you… through flowers.
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Floral Association, Floral Marketing Supporters, and the Michigan Association of Broadcasters

Make The Campaign Work For You!

We need you to embrace the campaign and engage with it immediately. Here are a few tools and ideas available so you can successfully engage in the campaign with a goal of selling more flowers and increasing your profits in Q3 2020.

Giving and Receiving Flowers Makes People Happy
  1. Register to participate in the campaign. Once registered GLFA members will receive a welcome packet and a digital copy of the Hugs and Smiles logo, bouquet stick in picks, statement stuffer PDF and link to the TV spot.
  2. Place the Hugs and Smiles logo on the home page of your website so consumers see it as soon as they land on your page. Also place a link to the TV video on your site.
  3. Have a Hugs and Smiles bouquet available for purchase from your website. Offer three price points (small, medium, large) or whatever your usual language is for this. Have Hugs and Smiles bouquets available for delivery and or pick up. There is no specific recipe for the Hugs and Smiles bouquet. This idea is for you to make the bouquets with flowers you have available from week to week. Make money and give the consumer a great value!
  4. You will be sent a supply of 3” round “stick in bouquet picks”. The logo will be on one side of the pick, the hash tag #hugsandsmileswithflowers and the Floral Marketing Supporters website will be on the backside of the pick. Each Hugs and Smiles bouquet should have a pick in it. This will ensure you are tied to the campaign.
  5. We will be creating and sharing social media post for the campaign. Please create your own social media posts as well as sharing the GLFA posts. Use the hash tag #hugsandsmileswithflowers in all posts.
  6. Create a product code to track your sales of the Hugs and Smiles bouquet weekly though September 30, 2020. We need to track this so we can report back on our successes to the investors.
  7. Attend the Hugs and Smiles Zoom meetings to learn more about the campaign and how to make it work.


Michigan is a test for this campaign with the investors. If it is successful here the idea is to roll it out in other states….IN, OH, WI… with the end goal of going nationwide.

Act NOW and implement these ideas and suggestions into your current business plan. Together we can GROW our industry and make our world a better place!

Multimedia Spotlight

Allison Ludema, Hugs & Smiles Bouquet

Allison Ludema is the Owner of Ludema's Floral and Garden. Located at 3408 Eastern SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508. Current Director at Large for the  Great Lakes Floral Association.

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